Kinetic Panels and Sun Path Issue

So I wanted to practice my Dynamo/Revit skills and thought that making a kinetic panel would be cool (it is). But after many errors and some much appreciated help from the forum I managed to make it work. Or so I thought. Literally half of my panels work. Here is what I mean:

I am utterly baffled. Would appreciate it if someone could figure out what kind of dark magic this is and explain it to me.
Here are the files and code i used:
Al Bahar.dyn (116.1 KB)
albaharpaneladaptive1.rfa (372 KB)

Good luck !

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Should we assume that you have seen this this tutorial?

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I’ve not seen this one. Will check it out tho. I actually watched this one

But there are noticeable differences because of the version of revit they are using so I had to adapt a bit.

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This is great for any version of revit below 2017. But from 2017 on you cant access the sun settings in revit conceptual massing environment so hence the problem.


actually the solution was rediculously simple. I completely forgot to post it and now it’s lost somewhere in my drives, but it was a matter of using a remap of the open-close parameter and it worked like a charm.
PS sorry I can’t post it atm but I will definitely look for the file

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Hi, would you mind to share the file.
I was looking for this kinds of tutorial currently. But I realized that almost tutorials from Youtube can’t work on dynamo 2.0 even above.
Thank you very much.

Hi there,
Sorry for the late reply.
Here are my graphs and test files:

Rotating panels (ignore that one odd panel that’s glitching):

Rotating Blade adaptive.rfa (448 KB) Rotating Panels.dyn (49.1 KB)

The al-bahar panels:

albaharpaneladaptive1.rfa (372 KB) Al Bahar.dyn (74.7 KB)

Revit 2018 files:


thanks for your sharing. :slight_smile:
it’s really helpful.

Hi h.hristov31,

Sorry for bother again.
When I ran your example files, both of them showed the warning as picture below.

The al-bahar panels:

Rotating panels:

Seems ‘Plane.Normal’ node have some problems.
Do you know how to solve it?
Thank you.

Hey, try this…

Rotating Panels-MKA.dyn (93.6 KB)



Regarding the subtraction of 100: It was just the weirdest thing. No clue as to why it worked like it did, but the way it was supposed to bugged out, hence the -100 (cant remember why it turned out like that, I was in a bit of a hurry by the end)

This seems to be glitching out at exactly the same place and upon further inspection I have no explanation as to why thats happening. Probably something has changed in Dynamo in the past two years lol. The files used to work. Try the example given by @Mark.Ackerley as at first glance it looks like it builds upon the graph and fixes its issues

I was just trying to understand it :smiley: nice work, thanks for sharing!

Hi there,
the dyn file can work finally!!
thanks for the solution. :slight_smile:

Hi, folks! I just admire you and your perseverance! @h.hristov31 you just nailed it! But i can’t test the scrypt that @Mark.Ackerley uploaded. It says that the file is corrupted…

Possibly because it’s in Dynamo 2 format?

Hi there, would you mine if you can share that .rvt file again? I couldn’t download it anymore. I am really stuck on this. I got a design project right now that uses similar facade mechanism, so I really wanna use this as a learning example for my project. As everybody else, I meet the same problem which I couldn’t run the script due to Revit 2019 lack of sun path function in the conceptual mass mode.
It’ll be nice if I can have your .rvt file and have a look. Thank you!

Yes, it is))

Guys, why doesn’t it spot vertices?

say no more, fam