Kinetic Panels and Sun Path Issue



So I wanted to practice my Dynamo/Revit skills and thought that making a kinetic panel would be cool (it is). But after many errors and some much appreciated help from the forum I managed to make it work. Or so I thought. Literally half of my panels work. Here is what I mean:

I am utterly baffled. Would appreciate it if someone could figure out what kind of dark magic this is and explain it to me.
Here are the files and code i used:
Al Bahar.dyn (116.1 KB)
albaharpaneladaptive1.rfa (372 KB)

Good luck !

Separate Nested List by Number of Items
Pattern Component oriented to the Sun Position

Should we assume that you have seen this this tutorial?


I’ve not seen this one. Will check it out tho. I actually watched this one

But there are noticeable differences because of the version of revit they are using so I had to adapt a bit.