Pattern Component oriented to the Sun Position

Hi everyone,

I’m following this tutorial

It uses a different version of Revit and Dynamo than me, and I am getting errors because of that.

When I try to get the location of the family using the AdaptiveComponent.Location node I get only empty lists, different from what shows the tutorial/

So then I tried to use the FamilyInstance.Location node. However I am obtaining a pattern of points that is also not like the one on the video.

I just want to be able to control an parameter in this family using the sun location

Does anyone knows a workaround on this?

I don’t know anything about this tutorial but you will find an interesting video on this topic in the advanced tutorials here (see UNIT 6: SOLAR ORIENTATION):

I had the exact same problem as you. The tutorial requires a bit of tweaking on the newer versions of Revit and that’s why you’re stuck. Granted I’m stuck at a later point in the whole process, here is how I solved this particular issue (my files are in the post below, just select the Mass and use your adaptive panels)

I’m in the same situation. Have you solved something?