Changing family orientation in revit by following sun path using dyanmo

Im currently a student doing my final year dissertation.

I have been Following the Computational Logic Part 1 Video and have gotten through it no problem.

Im trying to make a window in Revit 2015 follow the sun path throughout the day.

At the minute i have the panel in dynamo (from the tutorial) following the sunpath in revit… when i changed the time of year in revit it updates the dynamo panel etc

Therefore my dynamo file looks mostly like the one in the tutorial.

But im trying to set it up so as when i changed the sun path in revit, the window itself follows it as well like the panel in dynamo.

Im wondering is this possible? and if so how would i go about it??

I have tried putting in a family types node and have linked it with the family but im not sure what to do next

Any help would be appreciated.

I can attach the revit file and Dynamo file if needed




Take a look at the response to my previous post about this. It worked for me.

Thanks for the reply

Yes i had figured hat part out from reading your post! Im more wondering is it possible ti link dynamo to a family in revit… and make that family follow the sun path in revit?


I would think it is very possible to do so. I am guess you have some angular parameter in your window family for the rotation. You have to translate the sun direction vector into numeric information that you can feed into the relevant parameter in your family.

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Yes i have an angular parameter set up in the set! I nested a family and done it that way.

But im having trouble Translating the rpatation information from revit to dynamo to control the rotation

Can anyone help?

Trying to control glazing unit in revit through dynamo?

A while back, I created a sample workflow for my students that may be of use to you:

However, last time I checked it was buggy due to some changed behaviour in replication for conditional statements in code block nodes, so no guaranties.

My final goal is that i want to measure the panel angle in relation to the sun for best panel orientation in real life.

Am i going about this the right way or can this be done fully in dynamo?

Even using this short video… how does this guy make the dynamo elements link and be visible in revit?