An empty list of adaptive component location(curtain wall panel) node in Dynamo

I just placed some panels through pattern based panel.
And I cannot extract the adaptive point of them.
The node gave me an empty list. What’s wrong with my panels?

Hi, I encountered the same issue. Have the issue been resolved? Thanks!

hmm, are you placing the adaptive components in the same graph?

Hi @benzmclaren,

Have you found a solution to the problem yet? I am dealing with the same issue.


Sorry about my late reply. :sweat_smile: I built these panels in a newer version of Revit (after Revit 2015). And I didn’t follow the tutorial to built these panels in conceptual mass environment. And the main problem was that I couldn’t pick up the parameter about opening angle I set for every panel before. I thought some changes of software features caused this problem. Or some bugs in Dynamo caused this. It’s a little bit confusing.

The original tutorial I saw on Youtube was conducted in Revit 2015 by Jeremy Roh. And Revit 2016 canceled the solar analysis in the conceptual mass environment. So I thought the limit of new Revit may caused this problem. However, I saw several videos showing huge success in Revit 2019 without conceptual mass environment (even could be driven by light sensor in real world!). Therefore, there must be some approaches to achieve this goal. Unfortunately, those videos I saw were quite short and didn’t show their Dynamo scripts. I’ll try it later on my Revit 2020. And you can also try to rebuild and inspect the whole workflow.

BTW, several youtubers copied this tutorial. However they all evaded a question. How to conduct the change of panel opening with solar radiation variation? Maybe they just simply couldn’t achieve the approach :rofl:. And few youtuber I mentioned before suceeded but didn’t give their workflow. Quite confusing, isn’t it? :smirk:

@benzmclaren Did you manage to Solve the Problem I have the same issue in Revit 2020 I tried to use “Elements.GetLocation” but it does not quit work.

king regards

Sorry for my late reply. I didn’t solve the problem. And I’m waiting for Rhino Inside. I want to see if Grasshopper can skip the panelling workflow based on conceptual environment. After all, it seems that conceptual environment is not friendly for Dynamo connection.