Keynoted elements count

Hello world.

Is there any way I can count keynoted elements using dynamo?

I NEED* to use keynotes for tagging appliances and having the elements totals is also necessary.

I am looking to avoid inserting the spec values (ex: A1) in two parameters manually. (For example I would need to insert the value A1 in keynote # parameter and Model (for example) parameter to get a schedule with totals (count).

I wonder if Dynamo can make this task easier. Any clue?

Thank you world

*keynote schedule will appear in every sheet and i want only the used tags to show up. so this is a must.

Hi @therevitfairy

Are you looking for this?


thanks @Kulkul will run tests and let you know. best!

Hey Kulkul I cannot find the “Element.ElementType” component. Is this part of a package or an extra plugin?

This question may be easy, I 've started self-teaching myself this quite recently. Thanks!

@therevitfairy All those are BuiltIn nodes. Element.ElementType can be found here:

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I don’t find on library the node “Element.ElementType”.
Which package contains it?

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I think the Element.ElementType node might hot have existed before Dynamo version 1.0, I’m working in 0.9 (a newer version won’t install, for still unexplained reasons), and it also doesn’t show up between my nodes:

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Its was not there on the 26th of Januari 2016, if it helps tracking it down.


Thanks for the confirmation.
It does mean @therevitfairy isn’t just overseeing something (nor looking for a package for that matter), so there’s either a need for a Dynamo upgrade or @Kulkul’s solution simply can’t be created.

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Which version of Dynamo have you got?

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@PauLtus @orsola.dimauro Here are couple of other methods to get element type:


I wasn’t looking for it myself but thanks anyway.
I never knew the Type counted as a parameter.

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Just wanted to let you know I finally did not use Dynamo since Revit could do the keynoted elements count on its own. :):yellow_heart::unicorn::vulcan_salute: