Placing Keynote Tags to Multiple Elements (Tag All)

I am trying to get Dynamo to give Keynote Tags a similar functionality to the Tag All tool in Revit.

I am utilising Konrad’s “Create Annotation Tag” node but it doesn’t seem to work with Keynote Tags?

I don’t think that it is possible to access the keynote creation through the API, so I was hoping that somebody may have a creative solution to the problem?

In my graph I am utilising a couple of Springs nodes to allow me to select multiple elements rather that gathering everything on the view.

Thanks for any help.

As far as I know, you can only place category and material tags through the API:

Maybe you can use detail items instead of keynotes?

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Just as I thought.

Unfortunately it has to be the Keynote as it has wider implications. I was thinking that a possible work-around is to copy an existing keynote tag and place it at the instances on the family and then re-associate the value to the object.

Hopefully this won’t break the Keynote link…

I know I might be fighting a losing battle but I have managed to get to a point where I have isolated a Keynote Tag on the current view, found a basepoint and found new placement points. I was hopping that I might be able to just copy the tag to new locations and then reassociate the values? I am hoping that someone may have an idea on how to copy the tag? (or tell me it is impossible, so that I will just wait until Autodesk opens up the API…)

Keynote Tag Placer - Copy Method.dyn (19.2 KB)


Did you ever find a solution? I was thinking of making a wall tag and then pulling information from the element of the keynote to the tag by a shared parameter. Just not sure thats possible. The other way would be to grab the element keynote value and put it into a tag value but this would be risky in the long run