Issues with bumblebee

Hi everyone. I´ve started to use the Archi-Lab_Bumblebee package, but i have a problem when I execute the definition it doesn’t work (null result)
Does anyone knows why?

Thanks a Lot

Hi @skd.arquitectos

Your missing 2 inputs Origin and Extent.

Hi Kulkul
Thanks for you reply¡¡ I will try to add that inputs, but my initial settings are based on BUMBLEBEE PRIMER for read a entire sheet fron the excel file

@skd.arquitectos In that case i think it is because your using Spanish language. If you double click custom node there is Python. Copy paste python to your worspace, connect all the inputs and then come back here with the error message. We will try our best to solve your issue. Good Luck!

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you also have spaces in the path, which reminds me that Dynamo hates that. Also, you are using Dynamo 1.3 if I am not mistaken, and that’s not yet supported. Last time I tested Bumblebee was on Dynamo 1.2.1.

@Kulkul, really thanks again, I tried all yours suggestions, but I think the problem is the DYNAMO version like he said.
i ´ve reinstalled dynamo 1.2.1 and it works perfectly.
@Konrad_K_Sobon, you´re right. Thanks for the amazing packages.

Bumblebee was now updated to 1.3. Please download the latest from Package Manager. 2017.13.2

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