Issue with the Springs.ErrorReport.Parse Node and Data-Shapes UI.FilePath



Hi everyone,
i am encountering an issue with the ErrorReport.Parse Node from the Springs Package. I just updated Dynamo to and now i am unable to us this node as it report “null” result all the time.
Does anyone else encounter the same issue?


I suspect the issue is with the broken file path node in Dynamo. Can you try some of the solutions posted here:

Alternatively, are you using a localized version of Revit? If so, the node might need to be revised a bit. And if nothing else works, Archi-lab recently introduced some new nodes for error handling that might be able to work around the regional settings.


@Dimitar_Venkov thanks for the information.
I found the issue, I was using the Data-Shapes Package (its latest version) and its UI++ node to get the file path, removing it and using the standard File from path node fixed it.
@Mostafa_El_Ayoubi I am encountering an issue with the latest version of the Data-Shapes package and the UI++ node, the 2 path which are expected to come out are now split into one single character in the 2 list it create, is it normal (see image below)


Hi @frederic.herbere ,
the tow issues aren’t liked, so technicaly you should have started another topic for the Data-Shapes question. This is a bug and I just fixed it (version 2017.05.14). Thanks for pointing it out.


thanks a lot, it resolved my issues.
you are right I should have open another topic…I guess I got lazy :slight_smile: