Springs FilePath.Size not working?

Hi All,

I am trying to generate a report of file sizes of linked elements. But everythign falls apart at the Springs node FilePath.Size, which returns a null value. Everything up until then reports as expected. I have tried updating springs to get the new /W varient, but thats not working. Any ideas?

You might have to use list levels for it to work properly. It might be using the entire list as the filepath rather than performing the operation on each individual filepath.

Thanks for the suggestion! I’m still fairly new to Dynamo, so I hadnt considered that. I’ll give it a try and let you know!

@cgartland Levels didn’t seem to help. Tried both L1 and L2, at multiple points in the strings. Any other ideas?

When I use levels for the lists, I can change my results, but only in so far as it returns multiple nulls, instead of a single null. I’m really stuck here.

Would you be able to provide the DYN or, if it contains sensitive information, a version which replicates the error?

Here’s the bit that is causing me some frustration. I have also tried using the node “Get Loaded RVT Links” from Bakery, in case the script I found in this thread ( DWG Links File Sizes ) wasn’t working.

Thanks for looking!

LinksandImportsFileSizeTest.dyn (48.6 KB)

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I realized I had levels on in the RVT section, and removed it, and it works on my test file with a single rvt linked in, So you must be right, I’m just at a loss as to where my list levels are needed/failing when I tinkered with it in the DWG links section.

@cgartland, I don’t know why, but I noticed it was pulling a list form a previous project. restarted dynamo and it works fine, Sorry for the confusion!