Data-Shapes Not Running Anymore

Hello all,

I am having an issue where my Data-shapes dialog boxes are not running anymore, therefore causing the graph to fail with no inputs. It was working until I grouped the nodes together. Any ideas why this would be?

Stupid answer but did you try restarting Dynamo?
Are you on the latest version?


Not a stupid answer at all! But yes, I have restarted it a few times, restarted my computer a few times and have the latest version. It’s weird because while I was working o it, it was going fine, then all of a sudden it stopped.

Can you share the dyn?


Sounds good. You should need to update the file location for the images to make it work first.

DYNAMO FORUMS Recenter Room Locations & Tags.dyn (117.3 KB)

The issue comes from that Image Data node.
If you remove it the UI will work fine.
Not sure why, i’ll try to investigate later tonight

Pass the File from path node directly into the image input and your good to go


Thank you for looking into this. I have tried to bypass the Image Data node and just connect directly into the List Create node from the File From Path node, however, the image doesn’t show up. Any other ideas on how to get the image to show up without using the Image Data node?

Interesting because it works fine here


I read your post wrong and bypassed the Image Data node, not the file File From Path node :slight_smile: We are all good to go! Thank you for your help.

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