Data-Shapes UI keeps popping up and nodes give a null output

I’m trying to make a quick hide/unhide Revit links UI for (all) templates or the current view.
All the groups are working in themselves but put together I get two problems,

  1. With finding the views when I add the data-shape group it gives a null as input for everything:

  2. By adding the SetCategoryOverrides the Data Shapes UI keeps popping up without a result, even when I close Revit it keeps popping up.

Has anybody seen this problem before?

PS I’m quite new with Dynamo so there could be some obvious mistakes that I’m overlooking.

Full script:

@sebasHamminga ,

Could it be that you have just run your script?

No, if I copy that group and test it separately it does work.
But together with the rest, it gives a null. It looks like the script ignores that part for some reason.

@sebasHamminga ,

look for the topic passthrough node… maybe thats the issue…

Thank you for your help.
But I don’t know where I could place a PassThrough to help.