Issue With Script Placing Views on Sheets

I have a working script that does the following:

  1. Reads an excel file, creates views based on the levels in the model
  2. Creates views based on the levels in the model, renames the views based on the excel file
  3. Assigns view templates to views created.
  4. When it gets to the sheet creation portion, I’m using the node Sheet.ByNameNumberTitleBlockAndViews, but it is not placing the views created on sheets. It creates the sheets, even though it requires views to be fed into the node, but it’s not finishing the process even though i don’t get any errors. I’ve provided the script, the excel file index, and a sample Revit border to load in where they’re needed. Any advice helps!
    Sheet & View Setup - Excel Index.dyn (129.6 KB) D 22 x 34 Horizontal.rfa (356 KB) Master Sheet Index.xlsx (26.2 KB)

Maybe try breaking the process up into steps.

I have nodes in my package (Crumple) which can do the following;

  • Create sheets by TTB, name, number
  • Place views on sheets by view, sheet, point

By breaking this up into stages you’ll probably find it easier to troubleshoot, and if you connect the output of the sheet creation node, the view placement node will wait for it.

I can’t open your graph atm, but if your not using Transaction.End and Transition.Start nodes between the view creation and sheet creation, I’d take a look at that.

@GavinCrump I was able to use your “Place views on sheets by view, sheet, point” node and the RIE Wait For node to get everything to work! Thanks!