Issue with Filter rule by rule type node

Hi there,

I have an issue with this node. It works but, not properly.

I mean, it creates the filter with the properly name, with the correct categories ans even with the correct rule type. The thing is that the value is not the correct one, It supposes to be equal to 0 instead of -1846773288 (Don’t know why this number)

Thks for helping me.


Hi there,

f I change the type value, as a double instead of as a string. all the filters are set to 0 instead of a weird number.

Don’t know what happen.


Sorry, it is not solve, all the values are always 0 although the values are diferents from 0.


Try on a Text parameter
Example: Comments, Mark…

It works with a text parameter.

The parameter I need is an integer parameter. I tried with an interger input, but the node doesn’t work.


the knot only works with the thong
there is code on this forum for other parameters

can you share your files?

GEN_Vistas de control por PFD_v2.dyn (52.0 KB)

I can’t upload the revit file, it is 500mb.

The thing is that File rule by ryle type doesn’t accept an integer as a value. the parameter I need to filter is an integer and doen’t accept an string value.

If I change the parameter to a text parameter, it works perfect.



“PFD_Pipe_Number” what is this parameter?

share sample model with sample elements only.

as I told you, the node there does not work with the number parameter
I invite you to watch this