Create Filter Rule Type For Columns By Level

i got null while i run the Script Why?

01.dyn (33.8 KB)

Hello…the issue here is you feed in two levels and one parameter…they had to be equal…

i tried your way it doesn’t Work

And I Tried it on my Script nothing happened too Can you try it on my script

Hi …hmmm difficult to say…it works for me …

When I open you’re script I see that you use the Archilab Rule Type.

Did you try this one?


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hehe Jan…nice spot thats why it doesnt work for Ahmed, but works for me :wink:

Haha it did work for me too, so I thought I’d take a look at his script :grin:

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Yeps good idea :wink:

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No I DIdn’t use yes it was the problem thank you very much

but whu there isn’t a value in the filter

it worked with me like you did with the orchid nodes
the problem in my last scribt is the select rule type
thank you very much
but why the filter hasn’t any value

Hi nice you could get it to work…here is how you add a filter…

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i need to ask you one question when i created The filter there isn’t value in is that what happens or i have something wrong ?

Hi…works for me in my test :wink: try to insert this one between your views and filterparameterelement…probably it could help…not sure :wink: