ParameterFilterElement.ByRules fails in 1.3.3

I had (have?) a graph to create filters.
Worked fine in 1.3.2, but in 1.3.3 & 2.0, the ParameterFilterElement.ByRules fails on me.
I’m passing a list to the node for the names. This works in 1.3.2, but just returns nul in recent versions
The node does not show the “name” input parameter as a list - it shows name: string not name: string[]
But it shows the same way (without ) in 1.3.2
Did I just get lucky in the old version & that bug has been fixed?
More importantly, does anyone have a good way to create multiple Filters?

I think I saw that you have to remove the spaces to set the object type.

Not sure I understand you.
Do you mean the space after the colon? FilterName:string instead of FilterName: string ?
And on which Input?

If that’s the issue it would be on all inputs. It’s hard to tell what’s going on in your image though. Can you show us what the output looks like? Are you getting an error?

It’s just a pile of nuls
1.3.2 returns a list of ParameterFilterElements
1.3.3 returns a list of nuls
(different Revit file, 1.3.2 had only 5 elements input, 1.3.3 had 10)
filterelements Pile%20of%20Nuls

I would change both types to be lists (string, Category) - and I would use a different name for the category so that it does not match the type name… also Category.

you might also just try var[] for both of them.