FilterRule.ByRuleType SetValue

Im trying to set view Filters to my current view attached is my current attempt which almost works with the exception that Filter Rules values don’t set , could someone guide me to the correct approach.

Cheers K

210105CeilingFilterTest.dyn (86.2 KB)

CeilingOverideByHtTest.rvt (548 KB)

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@Kai Recreate the Parameter with Type as Number instead of Integer

@JacobSmall @solamour Any idea why it doesn’t work with Integer?


May also check out t his post and see if there is any insight to be gained here.


@AmolShah thankyou that did the trick…


The Revit API in this case (Filter Rule for Ceiling Height) requires a number (Otherwise known as Float or Double) input as there can be decimally placed values in a Ceiling Height :slight_smile: Only specific elements are locked to an Integer in the Revit API that truly do need a whole number.

We realise this is confusing to users, new users in particular, and are looking at how we can address numbers in general in Dynamo (Note: These discussions are just kicking off, so the work will take some time :pray:)


That was helpful. Thank you @solamour & @SeanP.