Filter Rule Issue

Hi guys, sorry to post this question, I know there are plenty of topics related to this similar issue but I still couldn´t sort this out. I am basically trying to create filters based on a dimension (“estacaDiam”) and a string value “estacaTipo” . When I try to create the node FilterRule.ByRuleType I get “null” values (Itried using the Parameter.Value and also the Unique Values but I got nothing :confused:


Have you tried “revit.filter byrule type” node?

Hey @gideonkarthik tks for the reply. Actually the node that I am using is the one you mentioned. I have given it a few more tries and I figured that I was using the wrong node for the “Select Rule Type” → I was usinng Archilabs node and not the one revit.selectruletype :slight_smile: I got it to work now! However I am having issues with my parameter values, even though I get the right values in it gets all numbers messed up :frowning: (IN YELLOW) I have no clue how to fix this. I am also trying to merge parapeters, it works well however I always get my rules set to OR instead of AND (RED CLOUD), any clues how to solve this?

Okay, updates on the weird number values. Apprently, the node is multiplying my values by “304,8” so before using my actual values as a parameter I divide them all by “304,8” and it works :sweat_smile: not optimal, but good enough

OKAY, Done → for or/and rule Orchid Package did the job, can´t believe I didn´t have such a great package installed!

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Can you share the files…lemme have a look