Issue with BumbleBee "Search Value Get Row" node

I’m having some issues in using “Search Value Get Row” node from Bumblebee package.
Any ideas why I get empty list?!

Search For input is expecting a list input. Please use a code block node {"A4"}

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Thanks Konrad for the answer, however even using a code block node {“A4”} “search value get row” node still giving an empy list as result

I don;t think you can have TWO nodes accessing the same file at the same time. also you can try in live mode. disconnect file path. open that excel file and try again.

I follow all steps you suggest, but it doesn’t work anyway. I don’t know if the problem is in the script or in the excel file maybe. Can you please show me even a little example where you’re using correctly this node. Thank you very much

@Jambo21 show us your latest graph which you followed.

Here it is the simple script i’ve wrote for testing the node

@Jambo21 Do this-> Open the excel file -> Don’t feed anything to file path leave it disconnected and hit “Run”.

Ok, now it works perfectly!! Thank you very much

Your Welcome :wink:

Hi Kulkul,
I have followed your instructions but keep getting this error that I can’t fix, any help would be greatly appreciated.

welcome them to the community!

this post already have a solution can you post a new one? we can continue from there.

That is not an answer …
The solution is ambiguous …
I also have the same problem following the previous steps.

Do you need to get the excel info into dynamo right?