Isolate elements in views


I could use some help.

I have a 3D view with 3 generic model elements in it.

I want to create 3 duplications of the original 3d view, name these duplicated views “1”, “2”, “3”, and in each view I want 1 of the generic model elements isolated (permanent isolation is preferred).

I am currently looking at the nodes below.

The 4th and 5th on the right side are from the Bakery package, and they sound like they are what i need, but i cant get them to work at all. Can you guys get any results from these nodes? The
view is duplicated, but no isolation is taking place.

The 1st node “Isolate in View” is by archilab. It works, but only in the active view. If i first duplicate my 3d view, and steer the duplicated views towards the node, then it doesnt work.
By the way, this node only works for 1 Model Element after first List Creating it. 2 Model Elements work straight away. But another downside of this node is: the isolation mode is temporary.

Same problem goes for the 2nd and 3rd nodes. They only work on the active view. Not when they are fed with output from View.Duplicate.

In short, some nodes seem to exist to achieve what i want, but i cant get either one of them to work :slight_smile:

Can you please point me in the right direction? Help is much appreciated.

Ultimately I want to select the elements by their parameter values, instead of selecting them manually. But lets take it one step at a time :slight_smile:



Can you share your dyn and a basic rvt file?

sure. here is a download link

Is there a solution for this? I ran in the same problem.

Hi Bas,

I ended up using view filters I believe. Its a long time ago :slight_smile:

I would suggest to try to get the principle working first. So try to find a node that works the way you’re looking for, for a small test case.

Once you get this to work, then it’s probably not very difficult to get it working for larger cases.

Good luck and if you need help feel free to ask. Only I am not very much on the forum these days.


The isolating is solved.

You can find the solution here.

Edit: Now i need to create a Crop Box around the isolate elements :thinking:

Good! I will close this thread and mark your solutions