Create Views from Groups and Isolate the Corrosponding Group in the View

I am working on something similar as Create views by groups, but i am stuck. I don’t know how to isolate the group corresponding to the view.

I know how to create a View and a Sheet from a Group and I know how to create a Boundig Box from Group.

Another thing to know is that i can have a Group (View) multiple times but is Unique to a buyer.
In example;
Group A - Level 1 - Appartment No. 100
Group A - Level 2 - Appartment No. 101
Group A - Level 3 - Appartment No. 102
Group B - Level 1 - Appartment No. 103
Group B - Level 2 - Appartment No. 104
Group C - Level 1 - Appartment No. 105
Group C - Level 3 - Appartment No. 106

Help / examples / pointers are greatly appreciated.

I will post my Graph(s) later [at the moment revit / Dynamo crashes when trying to open the Graph(s), so need to resolve that first].*

*I removed my packages so i could post my Graph (

Test Verkoop2_FINAL.dyn (60.2 KB)

I also looked at similar post such as Isolate elements in views, but those did not get me anywhere :neutral_face:

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why did you split up the different actions? is it necessary?
in my graph i did the following (see image) and then use the sorted list of elements to create everything

maybe this can help you

I split them up just to show you what i wanna achieve. In the end it should be ONE action (with everything ‘tied’ together).

Also for testing and learning (i am kinda new to dynamo) i like breaking stuff up.

So my end goal is a script which makes a view and sheet for each (unique) group, isolate and crop the view and place it on the sheet.

in this case i think the image above will get you started, and then use the sorted elements to get the rest

de rest zoek je zelf maar uit :wink:

Dank je wel :grin: I’ll see how far i get with this.

Off-topic (in english :wink:)
In regards to ‘de rest zoek je zelf maar uit’. I really appreciate the help people get on this forum, but ‘find it out yourself’ is not allways the best help / answer. I see people asking the same question over and over because there is no example (image or dyn) of how some things ‘are done’ / the solution. I agree however that people should put some effort in it themselfs and not expect them to get a (complete) working dyn, but sometimes people (like me) learn a lot more from a (working) dyn than 'find it out yourself. I’ll keep this post updated and if i get it to work i’ll will post the complete working dyn here for others to use / learn from.


Could you explain what the part of the Graph you posted is doing?
As i see it ‘isolates’ a specific group(?). That is not what i am after.

off topic; ik denk oud collega’s onder elkaar kunnen wel een grapje maken ;D

the graph et’s al groups in the model, and then it shuffles the list in alfabetical order. next is getting the appartment type groups, in my case I filter this with a boolean that searches if the groupname contains the word Woningtype. so now you have an alfabetiacal list of al your appartment types. from this point you can create views sheets and everything else based on this list.

i have an additional part that makes a list of list for every type and than it takes the first one of this list for the woningtype overzicht.

Off topic; oud collega’s? Welke Lennart?

On topic;
Maybe we misunderstand eachother; But for each group (even when i have similar groups) i want a View and a sheet (that i can do), but i also want only ONE group visible on each of those Views.
So far all groups are turned of on all Views OR one group is isolated on one View (on all other Views all the groups are still visible).I guess i don’t full understand how lists / levels / lacing work (that’s why i said a working example is more useful to me).

Off topic; oud collega’s? Welke Lennart?

I am also bvs1982 (i screwed up with the login). So see my reply above this one :point_up_2:.

off topic; ergens bij bouwstart in den beginne.

probably we don’t understand each other. the graph i use just makes a view on a sheet for every appartment (bouwnummer) or if you want for just one for every type.

Off topic; Dan weet ik wel wie jij bent :smile:. Ik ben nu weer collega’s van Martijn, Renee en Kawah (kleine wereld).

On topic;
Yes, i want a sheet for every type.
The groups might be the same for now but Elements might be added in the future (outside the group - those are the client options [such as an extra wall to divide a room).

Thats why filtered on the Groups Element ID. I might be the same Group (lay-out) but in the end it is still a different ‘bouwnummer’. When you copy a Group it gets a new Element ID.

In Example.
I can have 3 Groups (A, B, C) and 10 Levels. I have those Groups 3 times on each Level.
So i end up with 90 Views. On each of those Views i want only one of those three (Groups) Visible (Isolated).

I hope you understand it now.

skip this part of the graph and you’ll have every group in the model

We prolly still don’t understand eachother :upside_down_face:.
I don’t have problem with selecting Groups.
I don’t know how to isolate each group in its respective view.

Archi-lab and Clockwork both have custom nodes for isolating elements in a view.

I also know that. But i don’t know how to get them to work for a (one) Group specific to the View (the View i created from that Group).

You should have a list of groups. You would then create a new view for each group. You now have a list of groups and a list of views. Those would be your inputs.

An image of your graph would be very helpful as we can’t tell where you are having issues if we can’t see what you’re doing.

You can find the dyn and the image in my (yes, that is also me) openings post of this topic.

Bas.vanSchaik and bvs1982 is the same person (me) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

The image is illegible and I assume you’ve made changes to your dyn by now. The dyn also requires that we have all the same packages and in this case the same project and groups you are using to troubleshoot - an image (with node previews) is usually the most helpful.

I didn’t change my dyn cause i am stuck.
(well, i did not save the changes, because none of the changes achieved what i want)

I can post better images tomorrow when i am back at work.

The packages i used are Clockwork, archi-lab, MEPover, Rhytm and Steamnodes.

But in short; i want to use a Group to make a View and isolate that same Group in that View.

I couldn’t find an example which i could use to recreate in / for my dyn.


if you have a list of groups you should use this to create a new view. next you can use this list of elements to determine its boundingbox an feed this into the cropview of the newly created views.
it’s important to constantly use the list of groups (elements) or something derived from this list to keep the right order of things.

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