Isolate in View


a question about the ‘Isolate in View’ node by Archilab.

When i use multiple elements as input the node works. But when i use one element as input the node does not work.

I want to isolate 1 element per view. What should i do?

EDIT: same is happening for other nodes. Also with

So the problem does not seem to be with the archilab node. More it looks like its about the ‘Select model element’ node.

For example: With the Element.TemporarilyIsolateInView, the ‘temporary isolate mode’ is activated in Revit. But no elements are isolated.

Try adding a ‘List.Create’ node after your single item selection. Does that work? They way Python interacts with items is important - and most require them to be lists to do any form of looping.

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That’s it. Thank you very much.

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