Is there yet any node for pointcloud to points

I am looking for a node to convert pointcloud points inside bounding box to dynamo points but, most of what I found isn’t working any suggestions for new nodes or package I can try?

The Sastrugi package from @Ewan_Opie has some good tools for working with point clouds.

The Revit 2022 API for point clouds could also provide some additional tools which may open new doors. Worth looking into.


@saju_autodesk Can you post what you have tried so far? I may be able to suggest a few options to get things working. :slight_smile:

@jacob.small I am looking forward to expanding on the new API functionality and the updated python engine, just need to find some time in the general business that has become my usual week! :laughing:


Professional growth is a good thing. :smiley:

I have been trying it out with PointCloud.GetPointsFromBoxSelection from steam nodes, Does Sastrugi has a node to filter pointcloud and extract points using elements or Bounding Box? I came across one using view but I am looking for using bounding box as I don’t want to keep cropping the view for every iteration on the loop.

Here is the file I have been using : Bounding box by category.dyn (112.6 KB)

Thanks for your help.

Any luck on this topic? same problem for me…