Point Cloud package for Dynamo

Hello, I saw a blog post dealing with point clouds in Dynamo (http://www.serialnonstandard.com/point-clouds-in-dynamo/).

In this blog, there are several nodes such as ‘PointCloud.ImportRCS’, ‘PointCloud.GetInfo’, and etc.

Where can I find these nodes? I really want to find the package to deal with the point clould data in Dynamo.

Thank you.


That package was being worked on by Jason Andersen who was at CASE at the time.If you don’t know, CASE was a building information consultancy that was purchased by WeWork in 2015. This post seems to be before that, so unfortunately I do not think this content will see the light of day as it was presented.

This happened to a few packages that were in development sadly, (Stockroom, Anvil, this pointcloud one).

That being said, Jason was nice enough to mention where the source code came from, http://docs.pointclouds.org/trunk/

Someone with some c# skills may be able to incorporate into a package? I would suggest outlining use cases to let a potential creator know what your are looking for.



Hi, Mr. John.

I searched the packages which were developed by Jason Anderson who you let me know.
I finally found the PointCloud nodes in the ‘BlackBox’ package except for ‘PointCloud.ImportRCS’ and ‘PointCloud.GetInfo’ nodes.
In terms of ‘PointCloud.ImportRCS’ node, I’ll have to find another way to import RCS file to Dynamo.

Anyway, Thank you for giving me the clues.

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Hello Ella,

I’m currently also trying to work with Dynamo, Revit and point clouds. I also saw the post you mentioned and managed to also find them in BlackBox. However, when I’m trying to use the few nodes in the BlackBox package, most of them do not work, probably from API updates since the package was created. Did you manage to achieve any succesful results using these nodes?

Best regards,
Luís Sanhudo


Hi, Luís.

Actually, I didn’t use the BlackBox nodes in my Dynamo script.
Because there isn’t ‘Import RCS’ node in that package so I cannot directly import .RCS file to the Dynamo. I don’t need to use it anymore.
So, I used another method. I converted .RCS file to .CSV file and read it using ‘Exel.ReadFromFile’ (You can see in the picture)

Then, Instead of using nodes dealing with point cloud data, I’m just handling the points which were extracted from the .CSV file.


Hey All,

apologies, just saw this, thx all, I have been toying with updating the package, the PC ones were fast and admittingly a little messy :slight_smile: I have not kept up with dynamo releases as the PC in dynamo are super slow, but I am curious what people are looking to do with PC, segmentation, classification, etc? I was also considering making this a PyRevit plugin as this is more free format for analysis.

For this interested I essentially translated this into PY for blackbox

This does not use PCL, but used intenal ReCap api within Revit, however a new PyRevit one would use PCL and other awesome tools created since.


Does this script only suitable for the small project ? If the point cloud document is 20 GB, does the script still smooth enough ?
By the way, the links are no longer available now. Don’t know if they’ve being moved to other place.

@Congzheng 20 GB is quite large! If it is one data file I would suggest some segmentation of your dataset, probably in an external software package such as Recap or Cloudcompare. Smaller chunks are always easier to handle and less resource intensive.

Have a look here for some point selection examples through Dynamo. :wink:


Yes, the file has 1.6 billion points, I think it has reached the top of the software. Finally I use CloudCompare to reduce it to 0.1 billion points. The file now is only 1G

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is it possible to access through python codes?

The Recap API now has an entry point from the Revit API (new in 2022 I believe) so you can leverage that.