Point cloud to dynamo to revit


I am working on modeling a warehouse from a pointcloud in revit, I would like to see if it’s possible to bring the point cloud through dynamo into revit and have it do most of the legwork for me.

Can someone point me in the right direction please?

Hi @sape222

Try looking at Steamnodes and Sastrugi package.

Steamnodes package:


Yeah…the answer to this one will likely be “no”. I am going to take a guess that by “do most of the legwork” you mean that Dynamo somehow magically creates walls, columns, racks etc. from that point cloud info. So if that’s the question, the answer is no. You would have to create logic yourself, that interprets point cloud data and classifies it as an object. As far as I know no one has coded that up for Dynamo yet. The second link above to the Sastrugi package is just that, someone taking the point cloud data, and building the logic around it, where you can select multiple points in that point cloud, and have Dynamo interpret them into a wall. That’s for sure faster than modeling everything yourself (is it?), but that’s not the level of automation that you would want to achieve to see a meaningful return on the time invested to create such tool.


:+1: @Konrad_K_Sobon

Thank you both - this is all helpful. I think when it comes to the structure, fire protection, etc. maybe it will be worth the time, but for the architectural bit I will have to do it myself.

All makes sense. I appreciate your time.


I just read your response to the question of having Dynamo do most of the work regarding point clouds into revit. I’m looking for something much simpler. I have a point cloud with some piping and would like do use dynamo to at least assist in modeling the piping / conduits. I’m just looking to have dynamo to model a portion of the run so that I can see where it is going, not the entire run.

Is this doable? I’ve been looking through the forums but can’t find anything.



I just read your post regarding having Dynamo assist in modeling from a point cloud in revit. You mentioned that Dynamo will be helpful when it comes to modeling the fire protection from the cloud in revit. Have you found something on the forum that can assist in this more?


This is not a dynamo solution but an addin exists for the pipes :

I like the point cloud get points from selection node, however, it is not returning the correct coordinates.

Any thoughts why?


It doesn’t seem to be units from what l can determine nor the applied coordinate system, so l am confused to what it could be?

Since this topic already has a solution, place the relevant files to reproduce this (rvt, point could, and dyn) into your other topic, in a new post linking back here so that we can tie the two together and others can learn from your difficulties.

I dont know what is teh element box, can you tell me what element you select to the box, because i tried to create a scope box and select but it does not run, can you tell me what is the other element that i need to create and select?

This topic already has a solution. Start a new topic.
And you can not create a scope box with dynamo. It is not available in the API.

Thanks i solve using a mass to create the box