Is there any way to attach top levels of walls to the roof via dynamo?

I created a sloped roof with possible 4-way slope using a node which is “FootPrintRoof.ByedgesandSlopes” However, I haven’t attached walls(from top) to the roof in case of giving 1-way or 2-way slope. Is there any ways such as node to make it possible? Otherwise, in idea of determining slope from 2 different way causes empty places between roof and walls.
Thanks in advance

Do you have some screenshots at least a script? :slight_smile:

I hope that it makes sense.

This photo also shows how it looks when walls don’t attach the roof.

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Hello…dont think its possible…an option is to play around with some voids

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As far as I’m aware you can’t attach walls and you can’t edit their profiles.
A workaround that you could use here is to create new walls by profile to fit above the existing one and below the roof.
There is a method in the API and there is a node called Wall.ByProfile in the Wombat package

Edit: as Jacob suggested in a reply below there is now an API method to edit walls profiles starting from Revit 2022


Thank you so much. I’m going to try it today and let you know how it goes at the end

I believe walls can be converted to a sketch here: CreateProfileSketch Method

Note it needs a doc regeneration to “take”. Rolling back a fake transaction which does nothing should suffice.

From there this code sample should allow editing the sketch. All of this requires 2022 or newer.

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Thanks @JacobSmall !
I have missed this update in the API

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The recent releases have some really good additions to our toolsets. :slight_smile:

Like, we can make ceilings now!