Wall - Attach Base to roof

Hi There,

Is anyone aware of any nodes to attach the base of a wall to a roof/floor etc?

Some history to why i want to do this through dynamo is as follows:

  1. Building has a concrete dome roof which is modeled by first modelling an in-place mass dome and then placing the roof by face to the mass
  2. There is to be 500 high concrete upstands around the openings in the dome.
  3. Due to the double curved nature of the dome i opted to create a separate dome in-place mass to sit directly above the one i already created.
  4. Then i could model the walls by face to the new mass around the openings (walls initially didn’t follow the form of the curve but worked when i did the same wall modelling process through dynamo)

The main problem i have is now that i have modeled these walls via Dynamo, in revit these walls, when selected, do not have the ‘Attach Top/Base’ button that we all know and love. I want to attach these walls to the roof to create a nice clean join whereas at the moment they cannot be joined (possibly due to the roof being a double curve).

Hopefully i have explained myself but i will attach some images in order for you to get a better idea of what i need to achieve.

Many Thanks

Hi @ls1

Show us some work please. Where did you got stuck?
This is a help forum to ask for help with things that you cannot figure out on your own, but actually tried. Read this how to ask help

Hi KulKul,

I just want some direction if there is a node out there to ‘Attach Top/Base’ for walls? So far the packages i have downloaded and searched through in dynamo do not seem to contain such a thing.

If there isn’t then i suppose i will need to explore other options.

Many Thanks

Walls by Face created either with Dynamo or without it don’t have the attach top/bottom option.
They are controlled only by the shape of the face that hosts them. You can still join them to the roof though.

For standard walls (not By Face) I think there is a way to attach them exposed by the API, but you can attach them only to levels. (I don’t know if there is an update to that in Revit 2018)