Is there any way, logic or steps for wall attache to roof

Hi All,

I am new in dynamo. dose not have any programming knowledge, I want to create one dynamo program to make my one process automation.

we received many building model from corporation as an IFC after import we found our wall and roof are not attached. (walls are as profile wall), those buildings are in thousands, please help to to make dynamo program for “attach wall to Roof” so I can make this process automated and save our modeller work.



Nirav vyas

I think is not possible programmatically.

dose it mean I need to do it manually for all the wall and roof?

Reviving this post to see if anyone knows if it is possible to do this now?

Cant see it on API docs and no results within my already installed packages…

The tool seems to create a different relationship between elements than the regular align/constrain function which I am trying to get to.

Any of the Dynamo gurus know @jacob.small @solamour ?

I do not believe this is possible in the Revit API, you may want to check those forums though.