Is there any node to add sample line (offset [right-Left))

I want to add the length of sample lines (right-Left) . Is there any node to do that

In the C3D Toolkit there is an AlignmentExtensions.SampleLineByStation node that has inputs for width.
As far as I know, in the Camber package there is no option for that. @mzjensen ?
This could make a good addition to the node.

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GET SampleLineVertex FROM SampleLine
AND USING… Location

I don’t understand the input data of the node (Location and side) Could you give me example?

why output is bool no sampleline

I want to add sources to section view


Looking at this

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See this

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thank you for help me
you are great person

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I want to use node setvertexlocation for sampleline in Camber package… I want examlpe with this node because there is error and I Don’t understand input in this node

is there simple way to add material list for cross sections
and add sources to cross-section don’t work with me
@hosneyalaa hosneyala
@kovacsv ovacsv

You can not use together at times

Camber package node and code python

Looking at this

I don’t like using Python code, it always shows an error for me, and as for this post, it’s used Camber package node and code python
I saw the post
Initially, I got an error, but I want to calculate the quantities of earthworks cut&fill. I do not want to calculate computing structure materials

Note, that there is no element binding, so everything should be deleted before rerun.

Currently, for these there are no nodes that we know of, so Python it is.