Is there a way to manage with Dynamo the "by linked view" settings of a Revit view?

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Is there a way to manage with Dynamo the “by linked view” of a view?
Suppose I have a list of empty views such as “View A”, “View B”, “View C”. I have a linked Revit model that contains views with the same names, with graphics of details. I would like to expedite the process of going to “View A” > Manage Links > clicking on the “By Host View” button of the link, changing that to “By Linked View” and selecting “View A” from a long list of views in a drop down menu, and doing this many times. I think that there should be a way to automate that. Can anybody share a solution? Thanks.

Hi Alfredo,

The only way i know of is to merge viewtemplates.


I’ll second what @Marcel_Rijsmus said. Last I checked the Revit Links properties of a view were not available in the API.

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Hi everyone!

Any update regarding this topic with the new 2021 version of Revit? Thanks

Thank you, @Marcel_Rijsmus , I am back to this topic again, because i need it again. I’m going to your idea of assigning a view template and removing it again. I would be very useful to control the “by linked view” setting of a long list of views by a script.

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I’m sure you tested it before posting :slight_smile:
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Well, I haven’t tested anything yet. I am going to try. Last time I needed this I was too busy to set time apart for making the script. But soon I’m going to need this again. So I’m going to try to change at least 1 view’s “by linked view” by a script, with your idea of view templates. I will let you know how it goes… :slight_smile: Thanks!

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Hi @Alfredo_Medina, did you manage to make it work? I am also in this need to speed up thousands of views setting.