HELP! Revit Link: Override by linked view / Multiple views in a sheet

Hello every body!

I need a little help for automating a proccess I’ll describe next:

1.- I link a revit model into a new rvt project. That model has many views already created and ready for laying out.

I do the same thing with 2 or 3 different models, inserting them to the same rvt project, so I have a macro project from those models. From that macro project I create the final deliverables.

Because of the nature of the project I can’t use worksharing. I am forced to use revit links.

2.- Then I create views and duplicate (floor plans, sections, elevations, etc.) and then I override them by linked view, so I can see the view that was created in the original model.

3.- Then I insert the views in a new sheet and work out the final deliverables.

I wish to speed up the deliverable generation process. Currently I use a Dynamo script that takes desired views to a sheet. So I start that from point 3. I repeat the same process for all the sheets I need.

So, does anybody know of a script, package or python code where I can automate the process from point 2? eventually all the workflow??

I have tried many things and I can get some things working but the main restriction lies in the revit link and its override. I can get partial functionality in my current workflow with Dynamo, but I have been unable to manage revit links and its visibility overrides with Dynamo. Automating view templates doesn’t work. I am an intermediate Dynamo user and I do not know how to code with python so I’m also limited by my current knowledge.

Can anybody help me in this issue?? Thanks a lot!!!


I think this topic answers your wish n°2.

Thanks a lot!! I’ll check this out.


@Alban_de_Chasteigner, do you know if there has been any update to this topic?