Set Revit Links Display Settings as Revit Link View

I am looking how to Set Revit Links Display Settings as Revit Link View with Dynamo, I mean change from By Host View to By Linked View and select which view of the link afterwards. Hopefully the answer is not Revit API not available blabla

Yes you have right here i guess :wink:

It’s been requested for a long time now, but yes I think @sovitek is right here in my experience. There are some workarounds that achieved using apply template properties and storing linked view graphic sets as templates, then unlocking this section in applied templates, but it’s a workaround of course and wont suit all scenarios.

Here’s Jeremy commenting on it in 2016. But we can copy sheets now I guess… woo.

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Yes thats great, have just wait for it the last 12 years :slight_smile: thx Autodesk :wink:

Personally I’m just dreading all the views with copy names in models. It’s a great feature for architects, and a scary one for those who do the cleanup.

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havent tried 2022 yet…hope its build the way so its possible to control duplicates naming so we dont have to manuel rename them again