View Template Settings for Links?

I am wondering if my idea has the ability to achieve a proof of concept or not.

Long story short, I always have consultant links to manage after creating my architectural model. This means that once I finally get models from my consultants to link in, I have to go into every view template of mine and turn off the annotation visibility parameters within every view template. (This turns off all linked levels from being visible in my views for me).

I am wondering if anyone has attempted to write a Dynamo script that can be set to turn these visibility options off in all view templates? I am by no means a master of the Revit API, in fact, I don’t have a lot of experience diving that far into my scripts so I have no idea if this is remotely possible.

I am curious to see your responses.

Thank you fo your time in advance.

This is the parameter and desired resulting setting I am looking to achieve using Dynamo:

I have seen more people with this question here on the forum.
Have you tried the search button?

Yep. Who knows what verbiage they used for their subject and body though. I have not seen any post like this.

Care to point me to one?

It’s not in API (yet) to change those settings.
I had this problem myself and did it like this.

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