Is it possible to use Dynamo player to create family types?

Just a thought following a video I watched over lunch…

If I have a base door family (or any other family) and some frame and leaf families in my project, is it possible to use dynamo player to create family types? The user would enter the width x height, frame and leaf type (both nested into my door family) as well as maybe some parameters (Type mark) and names (or maybe Dynamo does this) can the player then create these types?

Maybe it’s easier to duplicate and create a new family, however maybe it’s easier for some to have a basic graphical interface where they can enter some information and out pops a bunch of families.

Couldn’t you do that just by duplicating the type under Edit Type? What are the benefits to using Dynamo?


I’m more thinking about this as something novices users could do (everyone should be able to create new types though) with a simple interface.

It might be quicker to make multiple types via a interface with drop down menu’s and tick boxes.

That should be what the Edit Type menu looks like though. You might have some extra parameters shown there that you wouldn’t want to edit, but I don’t think you’re really gaining anything by using a custom Dynamo interface over the Revit interface. For really complicated families I could maybe see this as a way to “clean up” the creation process but for normal families and family types I just don’t really see the benefit. It’s certainly possible though.