Create new family types

I’m trying to create new Revit family types from an existing family already loaded into the model. I’ve found the Clockwork node ElementType.Duplicate which seems to work for one family type at a time but I can’t feed it a list and have it create all of the family types. I’m extracting the list from Excel and hope to have dynamo create the types from a standard family. Is there another way to create family types?



Talk about timing. Right after I posted that I figured out what the Clockwork node was looking for. It wasn’t working because I was only feeding it 1 Element type, but 8 names. Now I just need a simple way to create a list of family symbols. See the manual method below.

Create Types

Use list.Count to get the number of duplicates that you need and then use List.Cycle (duplicate) to avoid manual list creation.

Hello I’ve just made my first custom node which will add family types to a family from an input list of strings. I believe this simplifies adding new types to families, all you need is a family and a list of names, which you could certainly get from excel. I attached the node (or tried to)




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