Filter loaded families for better user experience in Dynamoplayer?

Hi forum!

I want to filter all loaded families in my Revit project so the user gets a better experience when using DynamoPlayer. For example only show doors in drop down menu in DynamoPlayer?

Are there any ways of doing that?

Regards Kenneth

@KennethVeithElgaard I suggest using the DataShapes package to create a separate UI Form which is more customizable, and you can feed into it a filtered list of families/types.

See website below for some help if you aren’t familiar with this package.


Hi @danielU3R39 I have the package installed but have not tried it yet. The node you are referring to, is it UI.MultipleInputForm ++ ?

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That’s the one. :slight_smile:

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@KennethVeithElgaard Absolutely. It’s a great package, although takes some time to understand, so I suggest reading the website and following some examples.

Use the UI.dropdown data in conjunction with the UI.multipleInputForm++ (as below)

You’ll need to convert the list of family types to a list of strings before connecting to UI Dropdown node. Then on the other side of the UI node use the “FamilyType.byName” node.

(no need for the list.create node)


Hi @danielU3R39! Back from the weekend. :slight_smile:

So I have tried your suggestion but it does not seem to work? It still shows all the different families.
Not sure I explained my problem correct so here is a screenshot, maybe it helps?

Is not input - hidden in player

Is input - shown in player - that is the families I want to filter, so the dropdown menu i dynamo is more simple (e.g. shows 10 families instead of 80).

Hope it helps…? :slight_smile:

Regards Kenneth


Apologies, but the dynamo script has now made me confused what you are attempting. (It not being English is part of it…:slight_smile:)

Have you tried to use the UI + form and drop data at all?

You need to create a filter for just the doors (for example) and then feed that list of strings into the drop down as the keys and values.

I.e. dont use the family type selectors any more in Dynamo Player, just use the UI+ form for family type selection

Sorry to confuse you even more… :roll_eyes:
Basically I want to minimize the family options in the DynamoPlayer so it only shows for instance electrical fixture families. I will try to seek more information.

@KennethVeithElgaard Ok, if you want to only use dynamo player and not use DataShapes, then I think you will have to build your own custom drop down node that allows “input” to dynamo player.

Good luck!

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@danielU3R39 Yes, that will probably do the trick. Thank you for your time and effort! :slight_smile: