Type/Family Creation with Dynamo - is it even possible?

So my company has in internal list of pipe codes we use for our projects, and while they exist and function with other software we use, we currently do not have Revit family/type files that contain these elements. Internally, it’s not a big deal as we don’t use Revit much. But several of our consultants do, and it would be nice to just hand them our pipe codes in Revit format for their use on our projects.

I’ve been tasked with investigating the shortest/simplest route to make this happen. What I have is all of our pipe codes in Excel format, and pretty much every version of Revit available to me.

I’m not looking for someone to create the Dynamo graph for me (as I know that’s not how it works around here), but mostly for someone who can tell me:

  1. if it’s even possible to do this with Dynamo
  2. possible nodes/packages I should look at to make this happen

You could probably just use a lookup table since everything is already in Excel. Just create a generic fitting family and let it read all the values from your table.

I almost wonder if it might be better to create a materials library from these pipe codes instead?

(Apologies, I’m pretty new to both Dynamo and Revit and not entirely sure exactly what I’m supposed to be doing beyond “make it so our consultants can work better easier” :smile: )