Create a Revit Family in Dynamo

Hi guys,

I would like to know if it’s possible to create a Revit Family in Dynamo.

I know how to create families in Revit, but I think that Dynamo would be really helpful doing this work…

Difficult. There are currently almost no nodes to create family geometry.

I think it would be a BIG improvement…

I was considering this too, but I think that the structure of families is so complex and sensitive to constraints not being set right that it would be extremely hard to make anything except simple non-parametric forms. Although a lot could be done with simply placing nested families.

I have been making simple but totally parametric families for MEP design with the philosophy of “The data should drive and define everything” rather than “modeling” stuff in the editor. So things like parameters standardised across all categories, families that are only a framework in which sub-families can be switched with parameters to select all the basic forms you want, position, angle and size of absolutely everything controlled by parameters etc. The result is families that can be made into almost everything we need purely by manipulating the data, but which become less user friendly as the amount of parameters and type data increases… which is where dynamo comes in :slight_smile:

Don’t suppose you have an example of that Joseph :slight_smile: ? I’m very curious!

These are all types of the same family…

The table cooler has a more complex nested model, the rest use standard geometry (Box, Cylinder, etc) that is in all the families.



Edit: That looks terrible. This forum really sucks…

I am still working on this, and how it integrates with component lists that designers can fill in with excel and stuff, but I will post something about it when its working.

Ah cool, thanks. Fully customisable parametrics are totally the way to go.

Take a look a the spring nodes familyinstance.bygoeomtry node…

About the quality of the image, don’t judge the forum for the quality of the preview. Simply click on the image; it will display with a good resolution.

I dontt know the coding but since Dynamo is parametric by definition, wouldnit be possible to push geometry dimensions into Revit families? Family instance by geometry is a big step ahead.

Any news on this topic RN?