Is it possible to launch DynaMaps via DynamoPlayer?

I just wondered if it was possible to launch the DynaMaps ViewExtension via some DynamoAPI call trough the Dynamo-Player, so that our users dont have to open the actual script?
Maybe like a boolean-Input like “launch DynaMaps”, hit play and launch the ViewExtension trough the Player, put the data in a Data.Remember node, and launch the script a second time (also in the player) with the option “launch DynaMaps” unchecked.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

As far as i am aware of, anything that is UI based does not get loaded when using Dynamo Player. Therefore if the extension hooks onto the UI side of Dynamo or accesses the UI side of Dynamo then it cannot be used in any form or called/loaded in any other way.

Of course the dynamo team may indicate otherwise.


@Brendan_Cassidy is correct in that the Dynamo Player uses “Headless Dynamo” (i.e. without the UI) via the Dynamo CLI (Command Line Interface).

What this means is that any UI focused elements that don’t have a particular expression for Dynamo Player (i.e. a drop-down is able to be pulled through and expressed in Player) won’t show up. Things such as the “Data Shapes” package from @Mostafa_El_Ayoubi will enable you to build UI via Player that populates as winforms and within which you can interact, but things using the View Extension framework will not show up. Unfortunately I think the DynaMaps package (Also created by Mostafa!) uses said framework.


I believe that package uses the bing maps API to populate the UI, triggering the location selection, which is then fed to the open street map database to get the info you’re really after… I wonder if there is a way to do that selection via a CEF (dll hell alert) or other web framework, which could allow moving beyond the extension… :thinking:

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Thanks to all of you for your great help. If i understand correctly, the only way would be to make the selection per CEF (which could then be used via DynamoPlayer), but DynaMaps uses the ViewExtension Framework with which it is not possible.

Pretty much. Dynamo has two extension frameworks: View Extensions, only available with the UI enabled (Called “headed” Dynamo), and Extensions which are available in any context, but don’t contain any UI and simply run a routine.

As said above, there are ways to build the same kind of functionality that DynaMaps has without using the View Extension framework but unfortunately that’s not the case here :frowning:

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