Dynamo Player and C#


I would appreciate it greatly, if someone could point me to some resources that show how to open dynamo player from C# and load in a specific folder.


Dynamo Player is a seperate addon to Dynamo which has been developed by the revit team.

What do you mean by load in a specific folder, is this the list of scripts or do you mean moving the addon to a different folder?

Hello Brendan,

Thank you for your quick respond. Oh my bad, I did not know that. I specifically mean that I want to create a button that opens dynamoplayer which then as you said automatically contains a list of scripts.


Forget about Dynamo player as you can run dynamo from a button already. There are a few posts about this over the last year or two, the top link also includes links to where the information is on this forum.


Hi again,

Thank you for taking your time to find these resources, they are great. I have read them and I have thought about this implementation many times. However, the issue is that the department specifically requests dynamoplayer for its properties.


What properties do they want and why do they want dynamo player?

You can add UI’s to a script to get the users to select something or you can report the output out. Look for a package called Data Shapes as this has the UI elements.

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Hello again,

Thanks, the resource that you provided is perfect!