I have installed Dynamaps from Package Manager.
It shows , it is installed in Library (screesnshot attached)

but When I click View I cannot see “Dynamaps”.

Please help on this.


Looks like you may need an update to Dynamo - what build are you using?

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Jacob’s answer is right. At a minimum, you need to be on dynamo 2.0.0 for view extensions to load from the package manager and you are on a pre 2.x.x version

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Thanks @JacobSmall and @john_pierson… Thanks for your reply on this.
Regarding the Dynamo version , it is

Let me install Dyanmo 2.0.0 and give you guys a quick reply and mark the solution.

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@JacobSmall & @john_pierson… You both gave me the solution correctly. Dynamo forum- It allows me to pick only one person reply as a solution.

Thanks a lot guys

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