Data-Shape UI not showing up via Dynamo player

However it does show if I open dynamo and run the graph. Is this normal ? I don’t want users opening the graph to run the script.

It definitely works with player… Might be that it’s defaulting to the wrong Dynamo version. Are you in 2.0 or 1.x for the graph, and do you have both versions on the system?

I have core 1. and core 2. however I cant seem to remove core 1.x
I am using Revit 2019 when I open dynamo it says 2.0.3


I have two notifications that read:
Dynamo has detected a conflict with a dependency and may be unstable. If any issues are detected, please uninstall addins or packages and contact the provider.

could it be this? I have not clue how to fix those.

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Disable all Revit add-ins and see if that fixes it. Then put them back in small groups until they come back. Info on disabling add-ins can be found here:

How do I re-install dynamo?
moving the addins did not help

With the Uninstall Tool from Autodesk.

Hello everyone,
I have tried the graph on a new PC with dynam

The graph runs and the UI comes up when ran from inside Dynamo - the UI comes up and everything works well. However when run with the Dynamo player, the UI does not come up. I am having a hard time figuring this out. can someone please confirm, whether this is the behavior by design.

Can you share your graph? Datashapes has historically run fine for me in player (and continued to do so as of last week), so there may be an issue with how you have it wired.

let me see if I can attach the file somehow.

here you go, (I dont have the packages installed here for now) but I just wanted to share this.
Thank you

Can you post the actual dyn?

I am more than happy to attach it, here you go. just found the buttonCreate_Worksets.dyn (31.1 KB)

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@crullier I have opened you graph and i seem to have the same problem, my Dynamo Player also doesn’t open those UI screens.

I think you did something wrong in your Setup because i recreated it really quick and this other script works exactly the way you would like to see it:

Recreation.dyn (20.8 KB)

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