Where to find the DynaMaps extension in Dynamo

Hello every one!
I can’t find the DynaMaps extension under the view tab, can you please help me. My Dynamo version is Dynamo

Thank you

Extensions that are installed via the package manager cannot be loaded into earlier versions of dynamo via the package folders as they need be installed to the programs folder for dynamo instead. This is because the dynamo developers implemented package manager loading of packages in 2.0.1(or 2.0.2) version of dynamo.

Do note that it is not a simple copy and paste of the files to this location, and some settings information or even the extension may need to be coded differently to work in this case.

Though this is on the assumption that it can run in dynamo 1.3

Example: C:\Program Files\Dynamo\Dynamo Core\1.3\viewExtensions

Though this may be dynamo revit if you want it to work in dynamo for revit.

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I’m not sure I’ve seen support for Dynamo 1.X for Dynamaps but like Brendan says, this is installed via downloading data-shapes from the Dynamo Package Manager and is most likely built on top of the Dynamo 2.X api and might not work in earlier versions.

Maybe @Mostafa_El_Ayoubi may have further clarification on this.

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Alternatively, if DynaMaps isn’t possible, the ELK package gives most of the same functionality.

It lacks the nice interface & Topography is significantly more effort.

If that’s of interest you can find a few workflows on the forum and with some googling.




Hi @kadiravanarjun,
As the good people of the forum have said, DynaMaps is only available for 2.0 and above