Is it possible not to select a HVAC system?

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I would like to know if it is possible to create a mass in Vasari give it a location and then see the internal temperatures inside the mass, is that possible with Vasari? Is it possible to do passive design for example by not adding HVAC System at all?

Another question I have is what are the specifications behind the conceptual contructions? For example if I select a light-weight external wall with no insulation, what are the specifications of this light-weigh wall based on, can I see the spec in any where? Are they based in a particular standard?

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Sorry for the late reply, Thanks Lilli for anwering so quicky.

Hi Fernando,

Thanks for checking out Project Vasari and writing in.

The analysis engine used by GBS (DOE-2) does not allow the simulation of unconditioned buildings. One way around this is to export the DOE-2 input files or EnergyPlus files and then, within those programs, do a workaround. For example set the cooling thermostat setpoint to a very high value and the heating to a very low value. This will, in essence, prevent the HVAC systems from ever turning on, but will not violate the DOE-2 requirement to have a conditioned space with an HVAC system.

You can also use the project template feature in Green Building Studio to set up the template that Vasari uses. Under the HVAC choices is a “No Heating and Cooling” choice in which we have already modified the necessary settings for a DOE02 workaround. Let me know if you need more info on accessing GBS - students can get a free account.

On the Conceptual Constructions question, please see the help link in that dialog. Descriptions of the materials are delineated in our help.

Please let us know if that helps.