Project Home Machines HVAC MEP x Projetc Vasari

My question as a simulation is as follows: Suppose there is a project on my home

machines, all built in concrete and glass windows with some ray-ban. with the following

measures: length = 120 feet x 41 feet x width = height = 30 feet. and internally consists

of a thermal power HVAC equipment installed with the following: Two 750 Ton

Centrifugal., 02 Chiller 250 Ton., 02 Hot water boilers., 16 pumps cold water., 16

Pumps condensate. In this example it is possible to calculate the thermal load

generated within the enclosure and show the entire mass of the systems intalled such as equipment, pipes, fittings, electrical panels, cables Bandela among others. All through the Vasari Project.


lcchvacr_Mep projects

Hi Luiz,

Vasari is intended as an early stage energy analysis application and the conditions you are describing are of a more detailed nature. For your example, Vasari could help by looking at issues like, “are my fuel costs lower with 30% glazing or 40%”, “do I get significant return on a highly insulated concrete shell versus a moderate one?”