Creating a building model from multiple mass objects



I am trying to create a building model by assembling multiple masses together. Each mass represents different zones in my building(office, workshop,ect).

How can I change the properties of the perimeter wall of the masses to represent the function of my building. If you place two masses next to eachother does Vasari automatically assume there is a wall in between each mass?

How can I represent two adjacent masses with the same exterior wall and an open floor plan in between?

I noticed that there is a drop down to change the subcategory of the wall in the identity data section. Does this change the properties? If it does, how do you add more subcategories because currently I can only see about 5 subcategories (mass exterior wall, mass skylight, mass glazing and mass roof).




If you can post the model, I'd be happy to take a look at it.


Lilli, Your suggestion isn't working for me. I've tried joining multiple masses within the "create a mass" dialogue, and also after creating them separately. If I join them after they are created separately, the walls that should be interior end up as exterior walls with windows in them (actually two overlapping walls - one on each mass/zone) and when I join them before creating the mass, they end up as one solid block and the zoning goes crazy!

My project is a convention center, so I have large exhibit hall spaces in the center that are double-height, and other types of spaces surrounding them that have 2 levels (could be same height as the exhibit spaces, but it would be nice if they didn't have to be).

Any advice?




Hi Lilli,

Thanks! Yes that helps, I am still trying to understand this program.



Hi Pablo,

Try joining your mass geometry before enabling the energy model. This should make your adjacent mass walls seen by the energy model as interior walls. We do not allow manually changing an exterior mass wall to an interior mass wall. Let me know if that helps.