Dynamo promotional video?


Is it possible to get a link to a video that will explain what things Dynamo can do and short example of computational design? (if such video exists)

My goal is to find a solution for creation of elements in Revit that have a pattern (such as joist structure that supports floor). Currently we are do it manually. I feel that Dynamo has a capacity to create similar structures automatically.

On your website I found only tutorials which are useful, but I need something short and informational to present it in my company.

If it possible, I need in this video:

i. Connection to Revit

ii. Creation of design that has constrains related to shape, size taken from Revit.


Thank you for your time,



I don’t know of any links to any promotional video type of stuff. But if you see this thread there is a huge amount of great information on how people are using dynamo.


The really good stuff starts when Konrad and Andreas get involved in the conversation. Andreas includes links to some super cool Prezi presentations as well.



Hi also this Dynamo studio webinar may be interesting