Dynamo Grid example (non-uniform)

This is my first example I built from scratch. I was looking at the grid sample and decided to kick it up a notch. It's intersting how you develop the node network: you add and modify in a logical fashion but in the end you barely recognize (and comprehend) the finished work (it's like when building those complex Excel spreadsheets with a lot of calculations!)

Something is wonky when .dyn files are saved while Run Automatically is on, or perhaps this was a one-off case, but the above probably won't work as it'll be very slow to open and will result in additional incorrect connections/wires once open. I made some more tweaks and this version should work, file attached.

Hi @Dave_Baldacchino Can you please tell me how to create a non uniform grids as the uploaded graph is not visible in this post. May be it is corrupted or something went wrong. I am not able to see the graph.

Hi @shashank.baganeACM …you actuelly answer a post there are almost 10 years old ?

Oh sorry @sovitek My mistake. I didn’t see that.

no worries :wink: just information…but i dont think there are good luck here :wink:

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