Intersect between Surfaces and Lines does not work as expected

Greeting. I am working a intersection check between pipes and walls.

As per achieve of more accurate results, I try to extract the center surface of the wall (in order to filter out small clash), and give a intersection with the curves of pipes.

However, it turns out a wrong points as shown below:

I have no idea and would like to seek help. Thanks.

Attached with the Files and DynamoPipe Sleeve.rvt (2.1 MB)
Pipe.rvt (1.7 MB)
Wall.rvt (2.6 MB)
Dynamo.dyn (40.5 KB)


I think there is something wrong with the location of the walls.
When I use the watch node and disconnect the group “Get Wall Center Surface” and set the preview on i see that the points in the revit preview disappear.

When I connect them after that and check the preview I see that the point in that group are at the wrong position.



Hi @TCKEAHY …i had test your files, origin, basepoint, survey point doesnt match so think you need to relocate on one file…or try to let dynamo transform…think if you make your sleeves in the model where pipes is active and you use bimorph nodes for link your walls…it will work

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