Placing family at clashes pipes with walls

Hi i try to make a dynamo script to find clashes and put there a family. All goes ok but at “finding the intersections” step i think something is wrong. I couldn’t get the intersection from revit. This is interesting because i have few clashes in project… prtsc down

My script:

I want to put on them this component:

What do you think where might be a problem? Thanks in adwance for help. I didn’t find the similar topic to this but sorry if i missed something.

Hello why do you use polysurface instead of solids ?..probably something could help ypu


Some of the techniques here might help…

@sovitek Hello thank You for help. I used polysurface because i saw similar script here Using Dynamo for Placing an Element at Pipe Penetrations in Revit | Revit Products | Autodesk Knowledge Network
I changed script as like in your linked topic. Now i think i understand the differences. (solids treat element as one block, and polysurface as few surfaces?) All works perfect :heart_eyes: and i saw Yours films on yt. Amazing! I subscribe :wink:

@GavinCrump thanks for your help but this film is not about linked model…


Yes the linked model process is slightly different, but linked element geometry can be retriever very similarly to apply such a method. I believe BiMorph, Data Shapes and Archilab all have methods for retrieving linked elements to get their forms.

In either case, glad to see the polysurface worked out!