Curve.SolidIntersection does not work as expected

Greeting. I am working on a clash report that needs to know where the clash occurs between pipe and wall. Then place the Pipe Sleeve family on the clash points.

I write a dynamo but failed as below

I used Curve.SolidIntersection and Curve.PointAtParameter at 0.5.

I have attached the files. Thanks if you can help me.Wall.rvt (2.6 MB)
Dynamo.dyn (121.9 KB)Pipe Sleeve.rvt (1.7 MB)

sorry that I couldnt upload the Pipe Link File as it is too large even I clean out all the elements

I’d suggest you make the files here in a small testable format. You won’t get many people taking you up on helping if they have to produce their own testing models just to help you here.

Pipe.rvt (1.7 MB)

I have successfully reduce the size of Pipe File. Please check.


Hello…do you have a family as well ? when i look at your image its look as the family you insert isnt build in center…when this work they will come in in center clashpoint…after that you need the vector for your pipes there clash, so you can rotate them in right direction…

Pipe Sleeve Family has been imported to Pipe Sleeve.rvt

For the center issue, I think I could deal it myself. Thanks.

For now on, I just fail to output with the correct clash point…

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allright…something here should work

test1.dyn (92.5 KB)

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Thanks, it works.

All I need now is time to understand the node as some nodes are new to me